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Less Bad Is Not Good Enough.

As a global company, our approach focuses not only on minimizing our negative impacts but working to produce significant positive contributions. Our goal is to make an overall Net Positive impact on the Earth.

For us, becoming Net Positive means incorporating manufacturing into our environmental and social solutions. It means taking a close look at what we make and how we make it. It means considering each and every resource required to manufacture our products. And it means finding ways to go beyond reducing our consumption—to give back, replenish, and continue making a positive environmental and social impact on the world.

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Annual Report

In 2021, we continued to focus our efforts on going beyond sustainability – to aim for an overall Net Positive impact on the earth. This goal moves us to innovate in our operations, design with sustainability as the source, and advocate for stronger standards across our industry.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our approach to product development and manufacturing embodies our mission to minimize our impacts. We believe that the best designs in the world achieve more with less, so we act accordingly.

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In sustainability, footprints are a measure of the damage caused to the environment. Handprints, contrastingly, are a measure of the positive impact brought to the environment. When added together, the determine an organization’s net impact – they show us whether we’re doing more good than harm, and leaving the world better off.

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Material Transparency

At Humanscale, we’ve long believed in using healthy materials. We also strongly believe that furniture products should have ingredients labels – much like food – that clearly disclose what they’re made of. We currently own 60% of Declare labels and 54% of Health Product Declarations that exist in the entire furniture industry.

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Wildlife Conservation

We take wildlife conservation seriously because we believe in minimizing our impact on the Earth. A leader in sustainability, Humanscale not only reduces our own carbon footprint, but also reverses the environmental impacts of others.

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