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QuickStand Lite

The Red Dot Award-winning QuickStand Lite transforms any fixed-height desk into an active one. Its minimalist aesthetic complements any office environment and supports a variety of hardware. An adjustable keyboard and monitor arm platform provides exceptional stability while typing. An innovative counterbalance mechanism enables users to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease and encourages more movement creating a truly active workspace.

About QuickStand Lite

QuickStand Lite is a sleek, highly adaptable workspace tool suitable for collaborative and hot-desking environments, as well as home offices. Its minimalist aesthetic complements any interior and supports a variety of hardware. Its effortless functionality encourages users to build more movement into their daily routine for long-term health.

Ease of Movement

QuickStand Lite features an innovative counterbalance mechanism that enables users of varying heights to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease, offering 510mm (20”) of total height range and an added 140mm (5.5”) of vertical monitor adjustment. Its effortless functionality encourages users to be active throughout the day.

Strength and Stability

QuickStand Lite’s adjustable keyboard and monitor arm platform provides exceptional stability while typing. The main assembly holds single or dual monitors up to 11.3kg (25 lbs.)and can be converted to either configuration with minimal tools and components.


QuickStand Lite can be attached to any existing, fixed-height desk. Its minimal footprint frees up space, and its unique adjustability is perfect for home or corporate workspaces, temporary hot desks, collaborative workstations and check-in points.

Customer Reviews

Keyboard Tray 6G es Excelente
Desde hace un mes estoy utilizando el keyboard tray 6G de HumanScale, y debo admitir que superó mis expectativas que tenía hacia este sistema de soporte de teclado. En mi trabajo paso más de 8 horas al día sentado frente al computador. Antes de utilizar el sistema 6G tenía dolores en la muñena de mi mano derecha, luego de usar este sistema, el dolor desapareció, y el usar el teclado y el mouse, en realidad es una actividad que pasó de ser incomoda y, en ocasiones, dolorosa, a una actividad que no me genera ningún tipo de molestia. El sistema 6G me facilita adecuar el teclado y el mouse a la altura ergonomicamente conveniente a mi postura con respecto a la silla. Agradezo a Adriana Guerrero de HumanScale por la excelente asesoría y atención brindada durante el proceso de adquisión, así como el estar presente en el momento de la instalación del sistema e indicarme cuál es la forma correcta de usar el 6G y la correcta postura que debo tener al momento de trabajar. De igual forma, doy las gracias Scanform SA, partner de HumanScale, por haberme facilitado la adquisión del sistema 6G. En resumen, estoy muy complacido por haber adquirido el Keyboard Tray 6G de HumanScale.
Alexander I.     25 days ago
The QuickStand Lite works great in my home office. I use it constantly and it looks great.
Duane H.     3 months ago
Functional design
Compared to other products, its does not take over the entire desk, and provides a functional work space when needed.
Christian S.     4 months ago
Good Product
Quickstand Lite is a good, versatile product that is as advertised. Raises and lowers with ease for both sitting and standing. This a great option for someone that does not have the capability to order a full desk but wants the option to sit or stand. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due to time it takes to put together and while the stand does stay in its position while raised, it does have a slight wobble as your hands type.
Shane W.     3 months ago
great product, fairly easy to assemble.
Susan D.     4 months ago
Good Sit Stand but double bar needs to be beefed up
I like the product, I think it is a great sit/stand product and I get a lot of comments on it. However typing and using the mouse shakes the unit given the dual monitors and the flimsy dual monitor mount. I have big 18lbs monitors and will have to upgrade to lighter units. Also the ball and socket adjustments are great but I had to take them apart and then step on them with my full weight to crack them into moving. Maybe a good idea to QA/QC the movement in the factory.
Nicholas S.     4 months ago

Design Story

Created by the Humanscale Design Studio to encourage a more engaged and active workspace, QuickStand Lite can be easily incorporated into an existing setting. Its ability to transform fixed-height desks into sit/stand workstations was intended to make healthy movement and workplace sit/stand solutions accessible to everyone.


Environmental Story

Humanscale products are designed with a constant and genuine focus on their environmental impact at every stage of their development. For us, the best designs in the world achieve more with less, and sustainability is the natural result of this focus. QuickStand Lite, like many of our products, is built with highly recyclable aluminium parts.

Finish Options

QuickStand Lite is available in two colour combinations:

White with Grey Trim


White with Grey Trim


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