The Active Workspace

Ergo ManAs we work longer hours and the landscape of the modern office continues to shift, our health and wellbeing while at work are more important than ever.

Finding work tools that adjust to the user, promote spontaneous movement and counter the negative effects of sedentary behavior is key for wellness at work. The active workspace is a thoughtful new concept that encourages balance, so workers – whether in traditional work set-ups or in home offices – can build more activity into their daily routine for long term health.

What is the active workspace?

The active workplace doesn’t require constant movement, such as the kind that is associated with a treadmill desk, but encourages gentle activity throughout the day to foster health, wellbeing and productivity.  We all know office life can feel stagnant from time to time, but by moving more and engaging with more intuitive work tools, the work environment can be transformed into a hub for flexibility, creativity and wellness.

Why does active matter?

340 caloriesFor decades, sitting at a desk has been the office standard. But thanks to science and research, we know that sedentary behavior causes a host of health and wellness problems – from poor circulation to premature spinal disc degeneration – and is detrimental to our long-term wellbeing.

Sitting all day might be unhealthy, but standing all day can damage our health, too. The answer? More activity, but not just outside the office.

Ergonomists recommend factoring more breaks into the workday and striking a balance between seating and standing positions.

More movement benefits our wellbeing and reduces the risk of injury and fatigue. A 2009 Mayo Clinic study found that it was possible to burn an additional 340 calories per day by spending two hours standing instead of sitting, while researchers suggest standing for 15 minutes every hour invigorates the mind and body, boosting circulation, taking pressure off the spine and allowing the muscles to stretch and refresh.

Who does the active workspace appeal to?

The active workspace is not a fad, but a necessity. It can improve comfort, productivity and quality of life for everybody, including those who have never worked with flexible tools or sit/stand solutions.Liberty Chair

How can Humanscale help?

Humanscale strives to design products that make life more comfortable. Our designs are simple, beautiful and durable, and they’re built to support spontaneous movement throughout the workday.

Our chairs intuitively recline. Our sit/stand solutions move effortlessly when you want them to. Our lights react to your presence and offer customizable illumination. Our monitor arms are truly flexible so you can be too.

A true leader in ergonomic design, Humanscale products are the groundwork for a healthy working life.

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