Humanscale brings the active office to life at NeoCon East 2015

Blending technology and ergonomics, new Humanscale products place wellness at the forefront of workplace design

New York, NY, October 2015 – A leader in design, ergonomics and innovation, Humanscale demonstrates ingenuity and an uncompromising commitment to wellness in the workplace with five exciting new products on display at NeoCon East (booth 919). Known as a platform to “see it and spec it,” NeoCon East provides the perfect moment to bring these products to market. In line with the company’s core principles, each offering is marked by its inherent simplicity and ease of use. Showcasing remarkable developments in technology, Humanscale’s newest product releases provide revolutionary solutions to promote active and healthy lifestyles in the office and beyond.

Here is a closer look at Humanscale’s ready to spec products on display at NeoCon East:

Diffrient Occasional Chair

While Niels Diffrient passed in 2013, his signature, ergonomic approach to seating will forever live on. Functional, minimal, and comfortable, the Diffrient Occasional Chairs were designed as complementary additions to his mesh task chair lines. Offering an ergonomic solution for occasional seating, the new Liberty, Smart, and World Occasional chairs incorporate a patented tri-panel backrest made with proprietary form-sensing mesh. This unique design supports the body with a three-dimensional framework, following the shape of the human form and providing for optimal comfort and long-term sitting, all while maintaining a light and airy aesthetic. These multipurpose, cantilevered chairs are stackable up to five chairs. The Liberty Occasional chair will be on display at NeoCon East. All three models will be available to order and ship from November.

Having previewed at NeoCon earlier this year, the newest addition to the Humanscale sit/stand family is now available to specify. This new highly flexible workstation offers a wide range of motion, allowing the user to easily position their monitor and keyboard to suit changing needs from moment to moment. The keyboard platform travels with the monitor, allowing for a sit/stand workstation without the necessity of a separate sit/stand desk. Engineered for stability and flexibility, QS2 can easily be repositioned to suit the user’s needs. A versatile and approachable development in sit/stand technology, the sleek QS2 is minimal in its design, as well as its work surface footprint. Affixed to the back of the workstation, it leaves the workspace free of bulky clutter. Lightweight, portable, and easy to adjust, QS2 encourages activity in the office and offers solutions to improve health and quality of life.

Now available to order, OfficeIQ offers an exciting development in workplace technology, helping users to monitor their activity and make healthy choices throughout the day. Using sensor technology from an unobtrusive, lightweight, portable box positioned on or under the work surface, OfficeIQ gathers data on sit/stand use, calculates caloric expenditure, and provides opt-in users with real time feedback on their activity at the workstation. Developed in collaboration with Tome Software, OfficeIQ is the next big step in turning traditional offices into active workspaces. It brings the full benefits of the ergonomic workstation to life, encouraging users to remain active and engaged. OfficeIQ gathers data on sit/stand use, monitor occupancy, calculates caloric expenditure, and provides opt-in users with an activity score. This intelligent equipment can alert opt-in users with smart sit/stand reminders. Its “Don’t be Creepy” policy protects the individual’s privacy. In turn, employers receive aggregated data, which enables the company to track occupancy and utilization rate. OfficeIQ will help to ensure that sit/stand equipment users gain the full benefits of their ergonomic workstations and that employers see real returns on their investments in developing healthier and happier places to work.

Another innovative new tool blending ergonomic comfort with technology, Humanscale is getting ready to release M/Connect, a unique 3.0 docking station, which will be available to order in February 2016. M/Connect works with Humanscale’s M2 and M8 monitor arms to improve comfort and productivity while providing easy access to 6 active ports. Made with highly recyclable parts, M/Connect comes in a sleek, modern, unobtrusive box designed to keep workstations clean and uncluttered, repositioning and organizing cables behind and beneath the desk surface. Enhancing the use and appearance of the work surface and providing connectivity alongside ergonomic benefits, M/Connect is the heart of the active workspace.

Launching in early 2016, M/Power is the first-ever, fully-integrated computer support arm that accommodates up to four monitors. Strong and effortlessly adjustable, it is the customizable choice for any multi-screen workspace. M/Power is a central power column with a cable management solution; adjustable crossbar; 144-degree viewing experience; and 15-degree monitor tilt capability to aid in reducing eye fatigue.

Picture Overview

Diffrient Occasional Chair

Color options for backrest frame:

Black & Gray

Color options for cantilevered base:

Black Powder Coat, Gray Powder Coat, Metal Finish




Color options:

White and silver or Black on black

Radius of motion:




  Color options:

  White or black with gloss finish


  Multiple PIR sensors ensure accurate data at occupied stations while ultrasonic sensors detect height changes

Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors and wireless connectivity


  Color options:

  Black, Gray, and Silver

  Weight-Bearing Capability:

  Supports up to 40 lb. monitors when used with M8, (2)   20 lb. monitors  when used with M8 with Crossbar, or 20  lbs.       when used with M2      

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Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Through leveraging new technology in functional yet minimal designs, Humanscale transforms traditional offices into active, intelligent workspaces. Committed to making a net positive impact on the earth as well as our customers, Humanscale offers award-winning products designed with a focus on function, simplicity and longevity. 

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